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Attack The Attack 360 Podcast is my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. Explore my site and all that I have to offer—perhaps my blog will spark excitement in your life, as well. This Podcast also focuses on conversations and interviews related everything that deals with Self Defense. 

The main objective will be not only to learn techniques & forms to defend oneself, but to also develop a good mindset should the occasion ever arise.

The many Topics that will be discussed within the Self Defense portion, will be: Physical Training, Combat Training, Stand-Up Game, Ground Game,  Mental Mindset. Other topics related will include: Home Invasion, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking etc. 

You can Catch it on Apple podcast , Spotify , IHeart radio, Stitcher , Google podcast, Amazon music , Pandora, Podvine , Buzzsprouts and much more .

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The Host 

Jeremiah K.

My passion for educating and bringing awareness in Self Defense, can be traced as far back as my late teenage years, when I started my training taking private lessons in Okinawan Karate. That training lasted almost 2 years, and was what triggered my interest for Self Defense. I learned that it was important to know that in Okinawan Karate, the "meaning" was more stressed than the "how" the technique is often executed. 

In my 30’s I started training again , I have over 12 years of experience in  MMA

 ( Mixed Martial Arts ). 

My Ranks: 

1st Degree Brown belt -  in Kōdōkan Judo at SOUTHTOWN JUDO CLUB, under Sensei Patrick Psenak. ( currently attending ) 

Red belt - in Ju•KI•Do at PKI MMA under the instruction of Kyoshi Ivan Ujueta & Sensei Scottie C. Jackson. ,( PKI MMA ) A blend of Mixed Martial Art styles with a traditional teaching. Styles are ( Judo , Japanese Jujitsu, BJJ, Aikido , Goju Ryu , American Kenpo , Hapkido , Shotokan Karate Do , Tang Soo Do ,  Kyokushin Karate, Wing Chung , Tai Chi Chuan , 5 Animal Form Kung Fu , Zujitsu 

Also experienced in Filipino Kali ( Escrima , Arnis) Stick & Knife fighting , and CCS ( Close Combat System ) 

Coaching Certificates at : 


Competition Experience 

2015-Martial Arts Championship  ( 1’st place  Kata & Sparring ) 

2015 & 2016 - PKIMMA Tournament ( 1’st Kata & Sparring , 2 wins in a Free style Ju•KI•Mite Bout )

2016- Texas State Championship ( 1’st place Kata & Sparring ) 

2017- Mongoose Open  ( 1’st place Kata & Sparring ) 

2018- Mongoose Open ( 1’st place Sparring , 2’nd place Kata , 3’rd place Grappling ) 

I’ve been in the medical field doing Orthotics & Prosthetics from 2000 to present. In 2013 - present  I’ve been a contractor for the Army as a O&P technician for Wounded Warriors & Vets .


South Texas  Combat Judo

South Texas Combat Judo is a blend of mixed disciplines ,  ( Judo , C.C.S. Close Combat Striking / Zero range, and Stick & Knife fighting ).  Combat Judo is a physical confrontation between two or more persons at short range ( grappling distance or short range hand to hand striking or within the physical reach of a handheld weapon).  A.T.A. 360 is the Coach and Sponsor For South Texas Combat Judō . 

Home: South Texas Combat Judo

Over at South Texas Judo not only am I taking class but I’m also assisting in Judo class . Our goal is to build strong individuals with good morals and character, and that can defend themselves when needed against attackers and bullies and overcome any other roadblocks that life may bring. Through physical exercise and the education of Judo, we strive to build a moral code of courage, respect, modesty, friendship, honor, self control and courtesy.

 Class Schedule: 

Judo ( Nage Waza )  - Mon. & Wed. 7:30pm - 9 pm

Judo ( Ne-Waza ) - Tue. & Thu. 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Saturdays - Randori - 10:30am - 12:30

Home: South Texas Judo

 Combat Judo 360 Mobile Workshop

For years, I have served as a useful source of motivation, help or advice. I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. I started Attack The Attack 360 podcast with a mission to give others a taste of my thoughts and experiences, and I have been at it ever since. What started as weekly podcast has evolved into a site filled with information about various topics that are near and dear to my heart. Combat Judo 360 Focuses on Mixed Martial Arts, Training Techniques including using any feasible object as a weapon to help you manage a situation, break away and get help. 

Combat Judo 360 focuses on creating a hand-to-hand combat method that is based on natural reflexes and body mechanics. Thus making it quick and easy to learn, and not dependent on size or strength, so it can be used effectively by Women and Teens of all ages. You’ll learn to defend yourself and your loved ones against attackers to break away and go get help . 

Training programs include,

 but not limited too:

  • Threat Awareness 

  • Reality-based self-defense

  • Quick escapes 

  • Striking techniques

  • Ground escapes

  • Small weapon techniques

No Uniforms, Gym Clothes Only

  • 2 hour workshop

  • $20 per person 

  • 10 people Minimum

Home: Combat Judo 360 Self Defense classes

Combat Judo 360 Self Defense workshop Lesson Plan 

Part : 1 

Standing & Grabbing Escapes 

  1. Wrist escape 

  2. Choke escape - single hand & double hand 

  3. Attack from behind 

Part : 2 

Ground escapes 

  1. Escape choke from Mount 

  2. Escape choke from Guard

  3. Ground strikes 

Part : 3

 Basic Weapon Kabaton Tech.

  1. Basic Defense & Counter Drills 

Home: Combat Judo 360 Self Defense lesson Plan

Women’s Self Defense & Mimosas

On June 29th 2024 we are doing a women’s self defense workshop for 2.5 hours . Last 30mins will be Q&A with Mimosas . Message if interested.

Private lessons

Do you have a crazy schedule? Do not like large group classes? Perhaps you have specific situations or topics you want to learn.  If so, ...

USA Judo Junior Olympic Competition

Southtown Judo wants to thank everyone who donated and help our small team go to the USA Junior Olympics . We had 3 Juniors compet , our...

Southtown Judo Jr. Team

will be traveling to Shreveport, Louisiana JUNE 16 - 18, 2023 , for the USA Judo Junior Olympic National Championships. Donations help...


Every Saturday at InBalance pilate studios. 11:30am-1pm ( 90 minute class ) , simple and fast techniques to breakaway and get help ....


Did a selfdefense work shop at inBalance Yoga . Talked about the art of Reaction . Had great reviews and support . I'm a mobile workshop...

Safety presentation

Safety presentation for runners at Fleet Feet store. Talking about awareness and self defense.

Blocking / Striking

Your block is your strike & your strike is your block . Doing a single hand block with striking with same hand .. the shortest distance...

Working hand drill

Working on a flow drill . Letting the energy flow and then redirect it .

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